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The Plant Room

Our botanical roots run deep. 

Seasoned floral industry pros and avid gardeners, we believe that plants can be transformative. They ground us amidst the hustles of a modern lifestyle; they remind us how to take good care of ourselves and tend to others; and they enliven our spaces with unique colors, shapes and textures.

Improve air quality. Enhance your mood. Soothe your soul.

Tucked inside our Belmont shop, we have a lush, vibrant greenhouse of sorts. Lush and light-filled, our beloved Plant Room is always packed with our favorite plants and essential containers and plant care gear. There's also a potting station if you want to dig in with the help of our in-house green thumbs.

Hop over to our instagram page for a glimpse of recent plants featured in our Plant Room highlights or contact us to find out what’s in stock. Our current inventory is available for purchase with either curbside pick-up, or delivery within 10 miles of our shop with a minimum $100 order.

Just call 434-328-8884 or email us at